Originally from London, England, performer Guy Collins is an international street performing sensation and recent winner of the Travel Channel’s hit show, “Penn Jillette’s Street Cred.” The Groovy Guy Show contains a wide variety of tricks and stunts ranging from extreme unicycling to tight rope walking. Gasp with delight as he balances above the crowd juggling everything from plumbing tools to razor-sharp knives! 

Her Majesty’s Secret Circus Show

British secret circus agents Honeymoon & Butterfly are on a mission. Using their extremely high IQs, plunger arrows and a huge unicycle, their original comedy and awe-inspiring tricks are bound to save the day. This hilarious duo has performed at festivals around the world and took home People’s Choice at the 2015 Kingston Buskers Rendezvous.

Hillia Hula

Hula Hoop Extraordinaire Hillia mesmerizes audiences across the world with her captivating, family-friendly multi-hoop act. Watch her spin everything from a single hoop at lightning speed, flaming hoops, to a giant rainbow slinky composed of fifty hoops. 

A contortionist whose résumé includes past appearances on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “The Drew Carrey Show,” and “The Osbornes,” Kelvin brings a highly flexible act to this year’s Busker Festival. He demonstrates his talents in a variety of ways, including folding himself inside a clear Plexiglas box!

Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, Colin Campbell has wowed audiences around the globe with his high-energy variety show. Watch as he plays bagpipes and juggles atop a 8-ft. unicycle – all while wearing a kilt! He’s performed at busker festivals around the world and his unique acts have even landed him appearances on Comedy Central. 

Lynx Variety Show

A jack of all trades, this show features a variety of tricks including mystifying magic, sword-swallowing and sideshow stunts that will leave audiences hypnotized. For more info on Lynx Variety Show, click here. 

Man in White

MAN IN WHITE offers a unique twist on creative expression and family friendly entertainment!  Dressed and painted all in white he stands still as a statue on his pedestal. When blessed with a tip, he comes to life; plays his guitar and sings.  Man In White has performed coast to coast across the U.S. as the featured performance artist at many art fairs, festivals & special events.  He has been featured in USA Today, on CNN news, with countless news articles and a recently published book. 

Marcus, Funny Man Who Does Tricks has been busking and performing professionally for over 20 years. His show consists of juggling small children, catching a bowling ball with his face and a knife juggling balancing act. His show is a must see for everybody.

Martika Daniels

Martika graces the audience with her playful charm and whimsical personality, but don’t let that fool you – her show is filled with dangerous acts that can make the faint of heart quiver! Mixing fire and sideshow arts, her distinctively spectacular show will leave audiences amazed.

Matt Baker

Matt Baker’s show is a unique combination of hilarious stand-up comedy and amazing stunts like catching a bowling ball on his head, spearing vegetables on spikes and escaping handcuffs. His diverse skill set has landed him 5 Guinness World Records and appearances on “Tosh.0”, “America’s Got Talent” and “Last Comic Standing”.

Mitchell Walker- Didgeridoo Player

The didgeridoo is a wind instrument developed by Indigenous Australians of northern Australia potentially within the last 1,500 years and still in widespread use today both in Australia and around the world. Watch Mitchell play this interesting and intriguing instrument with style and flare!

Murrugun The Mystic

You have seen him on TV as the star on AMC's'Freakshow','Cougar Town','CSI: New York','Late, Late, Show With James Cordan' and 'Ripley's Believe It or Not!'. Now see him LIVE in person risking his life for your entertainment! After seeing his death defying show, you'll know why he is "The Most Dangerous Man in Show Business"!

Nerdy Noah has performed at festivals all over the United States and abroad. His act includes jaw dropping stunts and tricks, leaving audiences amazed and laughing out loud as he switches from quirky juggler to mini bike stunt man in a matter of seconds.

Pogo Fred

Pogo Fred, a multiple Guinness World Record holder, puts on an extreme acrobatic stunt pogo show. Jumping more than 7-feet into the air while performing flips, outstanding tricks and stunts on a 10-foot tall pogo stick, this must-see act is guaranteed to impress audiences of all ages.

Rabindra Sarkar- Rock Balancer

Rabindra Sarkar is popularly known as the "rock star of San Diego". He can be found balancing rocks in a superhuman way.  "Rabi" is a Reiki Master and credits the energy that all things posses as the way he is able to accomplish his magical feats.