Like a ninja, ACE-K's moves are swift and precise. His jaw-dropping routine will amaze crowds as he performs a unique set of juggling and some of the most insane balloon manipulation ever. "This Japanese sensation is a must-see!"

Alex Clark

With training from The Groundlings Theater Company, Cirque Du Soleil and a hippie-run arts high school, Alex Clark creates a show that is entertaining on every level. Jaw-dropping tricks, quick-witted comedy and mile-a-minute improv are all part of the show. It's unlike anything you've ever seen. To find out more about Alex, click here. 

Allez OOPS!

A world-class comedy variety act, this amazing duo invites the audience to play with them as they waltz on wine bottles, skip on sky-high stilts and perform jaw-dropping circus stunts. To find out more about Allez OOPS!, click here.

Sited as being the next Ringo Starr, this performer is sure to give you a stellar show. Hailing all the way from Norway, Baard is a YouTube sensation with some serious talent. You won’t want to miss this drummer’s performance.

Full of laugh-out-loud comedy and unique circus stunts, this high-energy act will leave audiences wanting more. Bekah takes juggling and unicycling to a whole new level with her dazzling tricks and contagious excitement.

Bri Crabtree

Ropes, parasols, hats and more! You name it, Bri Crabtree can juggle it. This quirky character keeps audiences on their feet and wondering what’s next. To find out more about Bri, click here. 

Cate blends high-end circus with unique comedy. Whether she is precariously balanced on her rolla bolla or defying gravity balanced one hand, you will be thrilled and amazed. She’s charming, she’s talented–she’s not just great, she’s Cate Great!

Circus Mafia and Sophia Isadora Circus

This incredible circus troupe performs a variety of amazing feats including juggling, rolla bolla, sideshow acts, hula hoops and fire. You won’t want to miss this! To find out more about Circus Mafia, click here. To find out more about Sophia Isadora Circus, click here.


This San Diego-based percussion group features a unique combination of rhythm and movement repurposing everyday objects for an unbelievable percussive performance. Director and Choreographer Chris Rubio toured with the off-Broadway show STOMP for five years before creating his own percussion movement group.


You may recognize Dango from our Surfin' Santa event where he dances on stilts with his partner Mango before Santa arrives. Dango’s one-man circus show features chair stacking, rolla bolla, balancing acts and comedy. Don’t think he can do it alone? Come and see for yourself! To find out more about Dango, click here.

Character performer, juggler and comedian Derek McAlister demonstrates his versatility with two separate performances. The Twin Tango is a comedic-mime act filled with breathtaking acrobatics and a 20-foot Chinese pole, while Derek Derek is a high-energy show infused with fire juggling, witty banter and comedy. 

Armed with a mix of quick wit, youthful energy and stunning juggling skills, Evan keeps audiences laughing, amused and astounded. As an internationally-trained performer, Evan has amazed countless audiences around the world.

The king of clean comedy. Extreme Rahim's number one mission is to uplift, encourage, delight and entertain you with live performances of magic and comedy that are thoughtful and well planned.

Fantastic Patrick

The Fantastick Patrick show is an explosion of comedy and incredible tricks. The show is great for any age group that likes to have fun! Find out more about Fantastic Patrick here.

Flying Tortillas

The Flying Tortillas are a group of young performers who incorporate breakdancing, acrobatics, tumbling, circus skills and comedy to create one thrilling performance.