Brand Standards

Guidelines for the proper usage of the Seaport Village brand

Primary Logo

The following illustrates the primary project logo and shall be used whenever possible in print applications. It should be displayed according to the design standards identified in the manual below.

Secondary Logos

The following illustrates variations of the logo and its kit of parts to be used in signage and marketing materials. These variations should be used when a more compact identity is needed.


No City Designation

The following logos are simplified versions, containing no city designation. These logos are to be used when the logo needs to be small (see minimum sizes in manual below) or the city designation is redundant.

Primary Logo Simplified

Primary Logo Simplified ZIP / 9.92 MB | Download

Type-only simplified

Type only simplified ZIP / 9.61 MB | Download

Brand Standards Manual

These guidelines include color, type style, and layout. The value of a standards manual lies in the ability to provide consistency across multiple media and design teams.

Tenant Signage Criteria

This document is used to guide tenant designers, architects and sign fabricators in the development, construction, and installation of identity signs for tenants of Seaport Village.

Brand Standards Manual PDF / 18.67 MB | Download / View