Your pet will LOVE this

It is not a secret... people go crazy over their pets. I myself just adopted the most handsome kitten alive, Owen. Although he has only been a part of my life for 2 weeks he is FAMILY.

Enter Pet Hideaway.

Pet Hideaway is the newest addition to Seaport Village and I am excited! Who doesn't want to spoil their little one rotten? This is the place to do it.

Toys galore!

Need a trendy leash or collar?

For the die hards who dress their pet up they have these comical tees. One reads "Mommy's little monster." Could you die?!

Personally, I will be purchasing Owen new food dishes that read, "Fill 'er up!" Owen will be so excited. (Okay, maybe I am the one who is excited) Does it really matter?

Pampering Owen, Boardwalk Betty

GRAND OPENING July 25th & 26th- raffles, prizes & giveaways! Call for more info, 619-338-0656