Winners of the 2013 Seaport Village Holiday Decorating Contest

Every year at Seaport Village, we have a holiday decorating contest.  We ask the stores to use their imagination and creativity to decorate their stores in the most festive way possible.   There are 3 winner categories: Best Overall, Most Traditional & Most San Diegan (naturally!).   The judges went around the village last night and came to a decision on our winners.  Introducing the winners of the 2013 Seaport Village Holiday Décor contests:

BEST OVERALL: Presenting the Soap Opera

Presenting the Soap Opera went beyond adorable on their decorations.  They decorated with rubber duckies (which are for sale at their store).  Very creative and cute!  “Quacky Christmas”, I mean seriously how amazing is that?  Well done, everyone at soap Opera! 

soap opera 4 soap opera 5 soap opera 3 soap opera 2 soap opera 1


The Bay Company definitely warmed the judges’ hearts with the most traditional decorations.  They frosted their windows to look like it was snowing and cold outside. Isn’t that so sweet?  The judges also loved the gift wrapped doors.  Feels just like home!

bay co 4 bay co 3 bay co 2


Hot licks’  Santa with his Hawaiian shirt, boardshorts and palm tree was just perfect!  Very Surfin’ Santa, don’t you think?  The chili pepper decorations were also dead on.  It couldn’t get more San Diego than Hot Licks.  

Hot Licks 1 Hot Licks 2 Hot Licks 3

Everyone did such a great job decorating and getting in the holiday spirit.  We applaud all the San Diego stores at Seaport Village for their hard work.  Come check out the stores and their decorations for yourself.  Seaport Village is open 10am-9pm everyday!

Happy Holidays!

Boardwalk Betty