Who can take a sunrise?

Sprinkle it in dew Cover it in chocolate and a miracle or two?

The candyshack can The candyshack can cause they mix it with love and makes the world taste good!

Okay, so I ripped off Willy Wonka. But it seems so appropriate for this blog post. One of our stores has recently undergone a facelift! Company of Nuts & Candy is now Candy Shack & Yogurt. Same concept, just shiny & new!

They painted the inside, got some new displays and now, well, I just want to eat everything inside.

All chocolates are handmade! Want to know how they make their chocolate dipped bananas? I did too. Here is a little video tutorial for your viewing pleasure.

I will take two. Thanks.

Want to see pictures of their handmade chocolates? Thought so.

They also have 2 old favorites, taffy & jelly beans!

Since yogurt is in their name they obviously have frozen yogurt. With all the fixin's! They even have a sugar free option for those of you out there who have a sweet tooth but can't have the sugar.

I'm tellin' ya. It is a dessert lovers dream in there!

The Candy Shack can! Boardwalk Betty