Where the Extraordinary & Unusual Meet

Mother's Day weekend, Seaport Village is hosting their 2nd Annual Spring Busker Festival. Seaport Village has four miles of cobblestone. And for one thrilling weekend, a street side extravaganza of the extraordinary and unusual will take place!

Now, I plan on featuring the entertainers who will be competing for a summer contract as we get closer to the event... but just recently, this fantastic picture came into my life... In the middle there-- that is our sound equipment provider for the festival!! His name is Loren Smith and he is fantastic!! He is the perfect candidate to help amplify our street performers. He understands the extraordinary and unusual because he himself fits into those categories. Not only can he be seen rocking a white afro, but he has been known (on more than one occassion) to wander the streets in a pirate costume. Your never know how Loren will look when he shows up. So what will he look like at the Busker Festival???? You will just have to come and see.

Love you Loren, Boardwalk Betty.