What a time!

Wowza!  What a great time!  The 2012 Spring Busker Festival was a rousing success!  A succes, I tell you!

2012 Spring Busker Festival

Flying Tortillas setting up their grand finale.

We enjoyed great crowds, great acts and great weather (thank goodness!)

2012 Spring Busker Festival

Circus Finelli being... well... a circus!

For those of you that came to the festival and voted for your favorite act- THANK YOU!  The Pogo Dudes won by a landslide!  If you are on twitter you should follow them @ThePogoDudes.  They are hip to this twitter thing and fun to follow!

2012 Spring Busker Festival

Thank you to everyone that came out!  Thank you to the weather for holding out (for the most part).  And thank you to all the acts that performed this year!

More photos of the festival will be posted soon.  Let me know in the comments section what your favorite part of the festival was. 

Buskered out,

Boardwalk Betty