Whale Watching Season Extended

If you live in San Diego I am sure you have heard about the wayward whale in San Diego Bay.  Many of you came down to see it!  Some say they even spotted it from Seaport Village. (Fun!)  It was a big deal for those of us down on the Bay.  And apparently a big deal for the rest of San Diego too!

If you did not get to see this big beautiful creature have no fear because whale watching season has been extended!  You still have the chance to take to the open seas and spy a whale of your own.  Here is a press release that I received and I thought it was interesting.  So I thought, "Why not pass it along to you fine folks!"  Happy Whale Watching!

‘Diego’ say’s…. “we’re not done yet”……. Whale Watching season needs to be extended: 

          EMBARCADERO, San Diego, CA. 3/25/09              


“After arriving into San Diego bay on the afternoon of Tuesday, March 10, this small Gray Whale affectionately named ‘Diego’ by public vote, appeared to have finally moved on”….says Troy Sears, captain of the famous schooner and whale watching vessel ‘America’. When heading to the ocean on Monday morning for our scheduled sail we sailed beside ‘Diego’ for a good 20 minutes as he surfaced and dived along the channel nearly 2 miles into the ocean.”….said Sears. It is only fitting that the ‘America’ escorted ‘Diego’ back to the ocean as it was the ‘America’ who first spotted ‘Diego’ in the bay on March 10th and stood watch close by to alert passing traffic. “However, on returning from our daily sail we find that ‘Diego’ too has returned to the bay and has been seen here ever since.”….said Sears.


In conjunction with ‘Diego’s’ return ‘Dennis Conner’s America’s Cup Experience’, operators of the famous yacht ‘America’, and the ‘Maritime Museum of San Diego’ have announced an extension to their popular whale watching sails to the ocean. New research data proves that the Gray Whales are still migrating past San Diego in good numbers into the month of May. The traditionally advertised season is from late December into early April.


The Cetacean Society of Los Angeles has been watching and recording whale and dolphin movements for 30 years from the cliffs of Palos Verdes just North of Long Beach. Their attached graph reports sightings of 5 or 7 whales each day through the end of April. These enthusiastic volunteers watch from daylight to dark, 7 days a week through the entire migration season. In their own words……”we see only a small proportion of the total gray whale population, so our counts cannot be used to determine that population”. If this count covers just the few that they see from their cliff-top lookout, then surely there are many more whales still migrating beyond their view.  Here is their web site for your own additional interest.        


Spokesperson for the historic replica schooner “America”, Warren Allan….says  that the public response to sailing on this yacht has been exceptional. The partnership with the famous ‘Maritime Museum of San Diego’, the ‘greener’ sailing experience on the yacht and the exciting addition of ‘Diego’ the wayward San Diego Bay whale, have certainly fueled public interest and awareness of the wonderful whale watching opportunities San Diego has to offer. With whales still migrating past San Diego it is obvious that we should extend the season to accommodate that public interest.


The ‘Maritime Museum of San Diego’ and ‘Dennis Conner’s ‘America’ will continue daily sailing excursions in search of whales until April 26. Trips operate from the museum premises with trips scheduled 10:30 am to 3:00 pm. Tickets and information may be obtained at: The Maritime Museum of San Diego and The America.