We've got a totally rad winner!

A big thanks to everyone who submitted a 1980's photo to my Totally Rad Photo Contest!

There could only be one winner and that winner was Jan!

When Jan submitted the photo she said, "The attached photo was taken in 1987. Wow, could I have given my son a bigger package of M & M's... what was I thinking? The baby in the picture is my daughter, Sarah, who was married a year ago and had her wedding photos taken in this very spot. I never imagined that in 1987."

Jan, so funny about the M&M's. I say, you should have given him a bigger bag! hahaha! Jan was kind enough to send her daughter's wedding photo along too. Ready to see that cute baby all grown up???


Thanks to Jan for submitting such a fun family memory. I know these photos had to be scanned into the computer so thanks for taking that extra step.

Thanks to everyone who voted too!

I will be doing another holiday photo contest coming up real soon. So check back so you too can win an awesome prize. Jan has won a $100 Seaport Village gift certificate, 6 free Ben & Jerry's ice cream cone coupons and 6 Seaport Village meal vouchers. It is a Seaport Village prize pack if you will! A darn good one. I mean, rad one, too!

Congrats again Jan! Boardwalk Betty