We love our visitors

The people who visit us here at Seaport Village are the best, they are just the best! Recently I recieved this great email from one of our guests. This email just confirms what a great area Seaport Village is situated in (so much to do around here people!) We are lucky to have such fantastic parnters all around. I also love the fact that she visited us in the evening... so many people forget. We are open until 10 right now! And she is so kind that I just have to share.

Our trip to San Diego was great, too short of course. We found a new pleasure which was wandering around Seaport Village at night time. I do not like driving at night time so because we have never stayed at Seaport before I have not seen it often at night time as I am nervous about driving on unfamiliar freeways in the dark. (I did do it last Christmas, but it was scary) Anyway our warm relaxing nights will be burned in my memory for ever. Just sitting watching people shopping and also relaxing was so great , Max was the only thing we missed! (oh and the big art gallery I didn't see it) The weather was so nice and warm so the ice-cream coupons were perfect as a night time snack or dessert after a great lunch. As a single Mom , and a school nurse we are not exactly the Hyatt's usual guests, but if I can swing it again I will want to stay in this area. We walked to the Gaslamp Quarter for meals a few times and walked down to the Harbour Cruise and ate inside at Anthony's, so this was a great new area to stay at, although we visited Old Town each day too! And of course had to make our usual trip to Target and Mimi's in Mission Valley :)))). And were happy to celebrate our favorite bridge's 40th birthday by spending a few hours on the beach in Coronado. Thanks for you hospitality, Jenny and Brandon

Jenny in front of the pond

Brandon in front of San Diego Surf Company

Sweet Summer Nights, Boardwalk Betty