We heart Comic Con

The week has arrived San Diego! The week that is different from all others. The week that you can spy superhero's walking among us. The week that brings the big time stars into town. The week that the "freaks" can let their freak flags fly! (I use freaks in the most enduring way) The week where it is worth your time to camp out in front of the Convention Center just to see the costumes and bru ha ha.

It is the week of Comic Con!

We heart Comic Con for so many reasons. The creativity, hype and sheer size, to name a few. If you are one of the lucky ones to score tickets to Comic Con I ask that you come on over to Seaport Village for a breather. Get a bite to eat. Relax on a bench. Check out one of our buskers. Know, we welcome you with open arms!

Wondering about parking? You can get all that information here. Have a specific question about Seaport Village while at the Con? Tweet it! I will be happy to answer.

Have a blast Comic Conners. Boardwalk Betty