Want an old jail toilet?

If not a toilet then maybe an old jail cell bunk? Or cell door?

The building next to Seaport Village, the Old Police Headquarters, is a historic one.

See the calendar in the back? If you can't make it out, it says the year is 1936.

It is currently being redeveloped and will become a vibrant shopping and dining destination. I have been inside the now dilapidated building and I can tell you, there is a TON of potential and it is going to be the new jewel of downtown once it is done.

As I type, construction workers are ripping down ceilings to reveal original sky lights and taking down wood paneling to make way for original wall textures. There are three, real life, cell blocks where they housed criminals and the like. Two are remaining but one is being removed during the renovation. The one that is being removed is being auctioned off this Saturday! This may sound strange and unusual but people collect this stuff. They even decorate with it!

You can get the details here. So come on down and get your piece of San Diego history.

History buff, Boardwalk Betty