Vote: 2015 Surfin' Santa Photo Blog Contest

We have a tradtition here at Seaport Village, if you attend one of our events and take a photo, you can submit it for a chance to win a prize! A few weeks ago, I asked you to take photos of you and your loved ones enjoying Surfin' Santa and send them to me. You have submitted some great photos and now it's time to vote! The winner will recieve a $50 gift certificate redeemable at all of our shops and restaurants

Ready.. Set.. Vote!

#1. Surfin' Santa Sammie

#2. Hangin with the Tin Soldier

#3. Santa's Helpers by the Fountain 

#4. High Fiving Mango 

#5. Surfing in the Moonlight 

To vote, leave a comment in the comments section of this blog with the title of your favorite photo. You have until Wednesday, December 16th to cast your votes. Good luck!

Boardwalk Betty 


I vote for #1 Surfin' Santa Sammie! :)
#1 Surfing Santa Sammie is the best!
#1 Surfin' Santa Sammie. :)
I vote for surfing Santa Sammie. he is awesome.
#4 High Fiving Mango Adorable!
Surfing in the Moonlight
Surfing in the moonlight!!!
#1 Surfin Santa Sammie sooo Precious!
Vote for surfin' santa sammie... Hugs baby
Vote for #1 surfin' santa sammie... Hugs baby
#1 Surfing' Santa Sammie
"Surfing in the Moonlight" is the photo I like best. They all are wearing the Hawaiian theme!
Surfing in the Moonlight
Number 4 and 5
#1 surfin' santa sammie... Vote
#1 surfin' santa sammie... Vote
I vote for #1 surfin' santa sammie... Good luck my dear baby sammie
Surfing in the moonlight
I love Surfing in the Moonlight
#1Surfin Santa Sammie
Vote for # surfin' santa sammie... Kisses baby
Vote for #1 surfin' santa sammie... Kisses baby
#1 surfing' Santa Sammie
Vote for #1 surfin' santa sammie ...hugs baby sammie
#1 Surfin' Santa Sammie
#1 Surfin' Santa Sammie
My cousin and I were on the news today at the pet parade and can't find the video please contact me I'f you can tell me were the video is @ 6199227032
#1 Surfin' Santa Sammie, what a cutie!
Number 1 surfing Sammie

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