Valentine's Day treats at Seaport Village

The day of love is around the corner and the Seaport Village shops and restaurants are gearing up to make you and your loved one feel extra special.

We went out into the village and found some gifts and treats that we think you would love to get or gift to your honey on Valentine’s Day.  Here’s what we have for you!

Bath bombs and spa sets from Sinfulicious Bodycare 

Girlfriend package (hint!)- Starts at $95

Cupcake bath bombs. Beautiful AND relaxing- Start at $12

How about some sweets for your sweet?

Chocolate Chilli Pepper cupcake from Cupcake Wars champions, Frost Me Gourmet

Stay tuned for Frost Me’s Valentine’s Day 4pack cupcake boxes.  They are sure to wow you!

And last but not least, you’ll need that perfect card to express your emotions

Look no further, because Upstart Crow Coffee House & Bookstore has the best Valentine’s Day cards. 

When looking for romantic gift ideas, you know Seaport Village will not disappoint. 

Happy shopping!

Boardwalk Betty