Valentine's Day Treats

Hoooo-boy!  This was a tuff blog to research.  Seriously guys.  But I do these things for you because I love you.

Speaking of love!  Valentine's Day is a mere week away.  One week.  What are you doing for that special someone? Your best friend?  Your sister?  Yourself?  How about giving them something sweet?

Seaport Village has no shortage of sweet treats and I am here to do the round up for you!  No really, no need to thank me.

First up on the sweet treat train: Cupcakes!  From Frosted Robin Cupcakes.  Maybe you make dinner for your valentine and end the night with one of these beauties?  You don't even have to tell them I gave you the idea.

Frosted Robin Cupcakes

Second in line: a yummy candy assortment from Seaport Coffee & Fudge Factory.  Hint: They specialize in candy & carmel covered apples.  They can even personalize for you!  I am seeing red candy hearts all over mine...

Seaport Coffee & Fudge Factory

Next up!  Why not keep it retro?  Nostalgic candy is different but still yummy.  Which is important.  Out of all the candy at American Nostalgia, Charleston Chew is my first choice!  But they also have Razzles, Sixlets and those colorful dots on paper.

American Nostalgia Candy

In the vein of keeping it different but yummy how about these SPICY candies from Hot Licks?!  I know there is someone in your life who you want to keep it caliente with!

Hot Licks Candy

It wouldn't be Valentine's Day without chocolate covered strawberries.  Now you may be saying... kind of been done before.  Ummmm.... not when they look like this!  Made with love by Candy Shack, these babies are HUGE and yummy.  And since they are technically fruit they are healthy too.  Right?  Right?  Again, they are customizable.  But, hello?  The tuxedo ones?  They are perfection!

Candy Shack Candy Shack

Last but not least!  How about some good old fashioned heart lollis?  They can be found at Mistletoe.  If these don't make you want to go out and ask someone to be your valentine, I don't know what will.


Whatever you do this February 14th, be sure you keep it sweet.  Because nothing is better than a sweet valentine.

Boardwalk Betty