Tuesday Trivia

This trivia stuff is fun! Thanks to everyone who answered yesterday's question.

Don't know what I am talking about? This is what I am up to on the blog this week:

To help commemorate our 30th Anniversary I thought it would be fun to give out some ice cream. Ice cream and birthday's go hand in hand. I don't care if you are 3 or 30.

And since Seaport Village opened in 1980 I am going to throw some 80's/ Seaport Village trivia your way. The first person to answer a trivia question right will win a free ice cream cone courtesy of Ben & Jerry's or a free cup of frozen yogurt courtesy of Candy Shack & Yogurt.

I will be posting trivia all week, so if you don't win today keep checking back because there will be more opportunities to win!

Today's question is again, Seaport Village specific AND a two-parter. If you have been following my blog you should know the answer...

What store at Seaport Villlage sells Acholi Beads?

BONUS question! Where do the proceeds of Acholi Bead sales go?

First one to answer one or both gets a free ice cream or frozen yogurt. If you happen to answer both first and correctly you will get TWO free ice creams or frozen yogurts. Enticing, I know.

Ready, set, GO! Boardwalk Betty

Don't forget, you can REALLY WIN BIG by entering my Totally Rad Photo Contest too!