Traditional Santa Photos at Seaport Village

The holiday season is upon us so naturally it’s time to take your photo with Santa Claus.  What better place to get that done than beautiful Seaport Village

Starting November 15th, Santa will be at our East Plaza Gazebo ready to take lovely holiday photos with you.  Photos taken with Santa are printed on site and ready in minutes.  Groups, pets and kids of all ages are welcome.  Of course there will be candy cane treats and a chance to let Santa know what you would like to find under your tree with every sitting.   

Something fun you can do at Seaport Village specifically is customize a mug at The Mugger (located in the West Plaza Fountain area) with your Santa pic.  I bet you Grandma would love that!

 I suggest taking your photos early in the season before it gets hectic.  We all know how that is. 

Hurry down to Seaport Village and get your holidays started.  And say hi to Santa from me!

Boardwalk Betty