Thing of the moment: shawl

Confession: I like to take the occassional fashion risk.  I try again and again to play it safe and "classic" but then my imagination gets the better of me and I always go for the bright tights, outrageous scarf or questionable boots.  So it was no surprise when I walked into San Diego Surf Co. and fell in love with this:

Shawl from San Diego Surf Co.

THAT, my dear friends, is a Billabong shawl.

The minute I slipped this bad boy on, I knew it was forever.  Well, actually, my first thought was... "Does this look like a shorty-bathrobe?"  My second thought was... "I don't care!  It is glorious!"

Now let me disect this beauty for you.  1) Your eyes are not decieving you- it has fringe.  Am I a cowboy?  Maybe.  2) When worn and you put your arms up it gives the illusion that you have wings.  Score.  3) Yes, that is a paisely print.  What goes better with fringe than paisley?  Nothing, that's what.

I am excited to wear this shawl.  I will ignore the glances of the people who think I am crazy and will high-five the ones who compliment me.  Because let's get serious, it is worth a compliment.

Thanks San Diego Surf Co.!

Boardwalk Betty