The Land of Milk & Honey

Meet Pepe Stepensky.

Pepe owns three establishments in Seaport Village: Margarita's Kitchen & Cantina, San Diego Burger Company and The Cerveza Store. Pepe is one of a kind. He is outgoing, friendly, always a ray of sunshine in the room. Not only is he fabulous but he is now an Emmy Nominated Producer. Pepe is a producer on the Cultural Documentary The Land of Milk and Honey. (He is holding the film in the picture above!) This has been a labor of love for him and now he is being validated by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. I could not help but mention this great achievement here on my blog! One of our shop owners has been nominated for an Academy Award!!

So next time you swing by and see us, be sure to look for Emmy Nominated Pepe Stepensky... he is always hanging around one of his three stores!

Cool by association, Boardwalk Betty