The hottest hot sauce in San Diego

Do you ever have those moments where you really, really, really wish you had your video camera out and running?  That happened to me this weekend.  Every time I think about it... darn... I wish I had that camera out!!!

Meet two of my best friends.  They came out all the way from Jersey to spend some quality time with their favorite San Diego girl- me!

Jeanine and Gerry riding the Old Town Trolley.  Old Town Trolley leaves from Seaport Village in San Diego daily! (FYI)

This being a visit to San Diego I OF COURSE walked them around Seaport Village.  They were in love.  Jeanine purchased some cute accessories from Urban Girl Accessories.  Gerry got a lovely painting from our new gallery, Exclusive Collections.  But the point that I really, really, really wanted the video camera out was when we went into Hot Licks.  Gerry, being the guy he is thought it would be a brilliant idea to try the hottest hot sauce in the store.

Say it with me now, "Noooooo!"  If only we would have listened to you!  The extremely helpful employee of Hot Licks was more than happy to oblige.  She took out a toothpick and dipped it into this:

That stuff right there is called 357 with a bullet.  See the bullet hanging off the top?  Let me put this in perspective for you... a regular hot hot sauce clocks in somewhere along the lines of Level 4.  357 clocks in at Level 16!  Yea.

Gerry is the first brave soul.  Jeanine warns him- "I would just prick your tongue with that tooth pick.  Don't put your lips on it."  So here we are all thinking, how hot could the prick be?  Gerry pricks his tongue.  5 seconds later he is howling!  It is SO HOT!  Jeanine in disbelief says, let me try!  She pricks, intense pain!  You guessed it, I just HAD TO TRY THE HOT SAUCE TOO. I pricked my tongue and oh. my. goodness.  The burning that was in my throat was indescribable.  This is where the video camera would have come into play!  There are all three of us howling, coughing, laughing.  How stupid were we?  Or how BRAVE! (that is how I prefer to think of it)  The burn did not go away for a good hour.  I am not exaggerating.

This description does not even begin to paint the picture.  Why oh why didn't we have the video camera?  But then, when I got to really thinking about it, this will entice all of your to come and try the hottest hot sauce in San Diego.  Right?  Right?

Well, needless to say, Gerry settled on buying two SWEET BBQ sauces.  No hot sauce for him.

This one is made by Tony Gwynn's wife!

We all survived.  The weekend was wonderful.  And even though there is no video of the incident they can now say the most memorable moment on their San Diego vacation was in Seaport Village.  Which of course, makes me happy!

Burnin' up, Boardwalk Betty