The Holidays are for Winners


I asked for you to share your favorite Seaport Village holiday memory and you guys did not disappoint!

I received 20 submissions for my online holiday photo contest. There were lots of votes, thanks voters! The people have spoken. The winner is this cutie and her first photo with Santa.

The photo was submitted by Megan. In the photo, Lucinda Ann circa 2009. Megan (and Lucinda Ann!) has won a $60 gift certificate to Buster's Beach House and 4 free ice cream cones from Ben & Jerry's. Happy Holidays to you Megan!

Just for fun, I will share the 2nd & 3rd place winners as well.

2nd place: Sarah, hanging out on the steps of Hot Licks in her Santa hat. Cute, cute, cute!

3rd place: Ashley & Nathan in front of our famed poinsettia tree. ADORBS!

I loved, loved, loved looking at all of your holiday memories made right here in the Village. A big thank you to everyone who submitted! We hope you will continue to make lots of fond memories with us.

Check back, I hold contests quarterly. YOU could be the next big winner. All you gotta do is read this blog :)

Ho! Ho! Ho! Boardwalk Betty