Tell us about turning 30...

It has been a lot of fun talking about our 30 for 30 Carousel Challenge, giving away fun prizes and coming up with our own way's to commemorate the number 30.

But the whole reason we are able to celebrate is because of the merchants who have been here for the full 30 years. Greek Islands Cafe is one of them! Liz & Jerry Bishop opened up this fantastic eatery in 1980. I wanted to get the 30 year perspective from someone who has seen Seaport Village throughout it's 30 year run.

It is my pleasure to introduce Sylvia.

What do you just looooove about us?

Excited about our 30 for 30 Carousel Challenge?

Tell me about Liz & Jerry Bishop!

A good choice indeed! We are happy to be celebrating them and the 13 other original merchants during our 30 for 30 Carousel Challenge.

Greek Islands Cafe will also be thanking all of thier long time customers by offering 30% off their menu on October 8th & 9th. They also have given gift certificates to their restaurant to be given away as raffle prizes during the event. They will ALSO be pouring $1 beers at our carousel part-ay from 7 pm - 8 pm on Friday October 8th. $2.50 beers after that until the kegs run dry! Party running into the early morning.

There will be lots of Greek love spread throughout our 30 for 30 Carousel Challenge!

You should come down and meet Sylvia in person. Because, seriously, isn't she THE CUTEST?!

Loving you Sylvia, Boardwalk Betty

Bonus, this is the sunset that they get to witness... Greece has nothing on this!