Steven Quartly "Romance of The Ages" Event at EC Gallery

On March 7th through 9th, Exclusive Collections Gallery is hosting another great and unique event honoring Steven Quartly.

A little background on Steven Quartly.  A romantic at heart, Steven Quartly embraces the special moments in life through his oil paintings, looking to bring out the romantic in us all. Whether capturing a sentimental meal shared with a loved one, a picturesque European scene where intimacy reverberates across the city, or the “golden hour” light, Quartly’s masterpieces create a special mood not easily forgotten. They embody his values, ideals, spirituality, and appreciation for life, serving as a memoir of his experience. “My work is inspired from our travels,” Quartly says, “my wife and I and our family — and passions of just visions that I have and places that I’ve been and the romance of life.”

The FREE event will take place at 6pm-9pm on Friday and Saturday, March 7-8th and 12pm-5pm on Sunday, March 9th.  You can RSVP by calling 800-599-7111 or email

Want another reason to attend this unique event? Everyone who attends will be entered to win Steven Quartly's art pallette, which he will present at the show!

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Have fun, my art friends!

Boardwalk Betty