Small Business Week

A series of questions for you: Did you know that this week is Small Business Week?  Do you shop small? Did you know that Seaport Village is comprised of mostly small business owners?

Well it is.  I hope you do.  And yes we are!

Today Ruben from SD6 came down to spotlight a few of our small businesses.

Small Business Week

Side note: How beautiful is our Village?!  Ahhhhh!  It is gorgeous.

Anywho! As I was saying... In celebration of Small Business Week, Ruben Galvan interviewed 2 shop owners and 2 shop manangers.

A little back story, Small Business Week is about empowering small businesses nationwide and celebrating all that they do for our economy. The week is led by the Small Business Administration.

Today Ruben (and all of San Diego who was watching) got a flavor of some of the fun and unique shops that we offer at Seaport Village. They are run by small business owners who are passionate about their products and passionate about offering a truly one of a kind experience for their guests.
Small Business Week

That is Sheree, the owner.  Say, "hi Sheree!!!"  Doesn't her shop look quaint and comfy?  I just want to curl up in th corner with a cupcake.  Or 10.

Next up was California Candle Gallery.

Small Business Week

That is the store manager, Angie.  She is nothing but pure sunshine.  Did you know that every candle made in the store is one of a kind?  The candle makers are artist and they want to create a piece of art for you!

Third on the list was Hot Licks.  And well... this apron says it all!

Small Business Week

I'm sorry.  So. Dang. Funny.  That is Adrienne, she is the shop's manager.  Hi Adrienne!  I love that she is wearing red, it matches the hot sauces so well!  Ruben tried the hotest sauce in the store.  YOU can too as they do tastings daily.  They actually have a special tasting event coming up this weekend, a blog with all the deets will be posted this week.

And last, but most certainly not least was Urban Girl Accessories.  I cannot lie, they are a Boardwalk Betty favorite.  I blog about them regularly.  And believe it or not, we did not get a picture of them filming with Ruben!  What?! I know.  Here is a picture of the adorable store owners, to make up for it.

Ember Event

Hi Annie & Chris!  I adore them.  I really do.

Seaport Village’s small businesses are what give the village its quaint and friendly feel. These shops allow us to bring together very different experiences for shoppers (that's you!) from Alamo Flags and Kite Flite to Mistletoe and Pet Hideaway. There’s something for everyone at Seaport Village thanks to the owners of these small businesses.

It’s important that we remember to support our local small businesses. If you’re shopping for a gift or looking for somewhere to grab a bite to eat with a wonderful view just come take a stroll. It’s a great way to support your local community and local economy.
I hope that you will make the effort to shop small.
Boardwalk Betty