Shop for the good of People and the Planet

Let me introduce you to Discover Nature.

One of our lovely stores. I have decided to do an ENTIRE WEEK dedicated to this store. And do you know why? Because in 2010 they have a mission, a motto, a creed with which to live by if you will... "Shop for the good of People and the Planet." They are supporting this mission by selling fairly-traded and eco-friendly products. Of course, products like that have a great story!

I went down to the store last week and hunted down 5 products that have a great story and are just plain awesome. Each day this week I will highlight one of those products!

So, without further ado may I present Triqui Handmade Weavings.

These weavings hold a special place in the store owner’s hearts. In 1996 they met a family of Triqui weavers while they were surfing in Baja California. They became invested in their story and decided to help!

The Triqui Indians are originally from the state of Oaxaca in southern Mexico, and migrated to Baja California during the 1980's. Here is the family that Beth & Joe (the owners of Discover Nature) met in 1996.

When they met Augustina and her family, the 12 of them were squatting on a piece of government land and living in a one-room cardboard hut. For over a dozen years they have been helping Augustina and her family sell their hand-crafted weavings here in the United States. All the proceeds from your purchase of these weavings goes back to the Triqui families living in Baja.

The continued sales of these indigenous handcrafts have helped Augustina's family move from their one-room home into three small houses that now have electricity.

There is something about purchasing a product that not only helps you but helps others. Love it! Here was my favorite bag-

Sorry it's a little blurry! I was apparently so excited I couldn't keep my hand steady.

Come back tomorrow for more "look good, do good" products!

Shopping for the good of People and the Planet, Boardwalk Betty