Seaport Village is alive and well!

Hello faithful blogging public! I don't know if you had the unfortunate experience of reading this article in the Union Tribune on Sunday but I did and I was floored. The thing that I was most surprised about was the way they made Seaport Village seem like a ghost town. This could not be farther from the truth! True, the economy has slowed all over the United States. True, people are being more cautious with the money they are spending. But, Seaport Village is alive and well! I wanted to take the time to share a few letters that some successful tenants have taken the time to write.

Hi Penni

My name is Annie Glenn. My husband and I own 3 stores at Seaport Village, one of which we are expanding. We are very disheartened by your article today. We feel that it was based on disgruntled tenants. We and many other tenants at Seaport Village are extremely happy and proud to be there, not to mention the fact that our sales are up over 2008. I feel that before you do a story like this, you might want to hear everyones opinion and not just talk to tenants that are not doing well. I think it is awful to put Seaport Village on the front of the Business section and make it look like it is failing. That is far from the truth. It is one of the healthiest retail centers in the county. We have plenty of tourists and locals visiting us and we are very grateful for that!

I would be more than happy to speak with you and would appreciate another story that talks about the successes of such a wonderful part of San Diego.

Best Wishes Annie & Chris Glenn

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My wife and I own two fast food restaurants and a gift/clothing store in Seaport Village. We have been tenants since 1994, so far, 2008 was one of our best years ever. We think that it is not fair to downgrade a Land Mark like Seaport Village based on the opinion of a few tenants. Seaport has 85 specialty stores and keeps drawing a lot of tourist and locals that enjoy the atmosphere and the view, and the great service that we provide to them. These are times for positive comments and encouragement, you are damaging the economy of San Diego with an article lacking in evidence and true facts. The opinion of a few tenants it's not the absolute truth for most of us. Seaport Village management has always supported us with Marketing tools and great maintenance and award winning landscaping. We invite you and your family to visit Seaport Village one of these weekends and see with your own eyes what is going on here.

Deborah and Pepe Stepensky

And, another.

I do not understand the media's desire to focus on the bad, when there are many tenants doing quite well! Where is that story? Or will it not sell enough papers and bring enough attention to your broadcast. It would sure be nice to see a story based on the stores that are making it through the tough times. Lets start focusing on the positive!!!!


Seaport Village is currently 95% occupied. We have the Spring Busker Festival coming up April 18th & 19th (a blog on that event coming soon!). We have free concerts EVERY Sunday. Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day is in April (again, a blog to come soon!) Red Bull Air Races are coming back in May. The Cool Globes art exhibit has been down here for 2 months. Seaport Village is alive and well. Far from a ghost town. I invite you to come down and see for yourself.

Alive and kicking, Boardwalk Betty