Seaport Village Instagram Photo Contest

On September 29th, Seaport Village teamed up with the IGers of San Diego (@igersSanDiego) for a very fun Instagram (@Seaport_village)  challenge.  

seaport village page

Contestants were asked to submit a photo of Seaport Village with the hash tag #villagelife_contest for a chance to win.  With a beautiful view of the harbor and relaxing ponds, flowers, and trees, Seaport Village is the perfect location to photograph.   The contestants did an amazing job capturing the village life.  They snapped shots of the harbor and boardwalk, the ponds with the duckies, Seaport shoppers, the carousel, and many other village locations.

At the end, it came down to who captured Seaport Village life most accurately.  The grand prize winner was @sweetdivergence , and the 2nd and 3rd place went to @mackellen and @carenzo96.  The grand prize was a $50 Seaport Village Gift Certificate while the 2nd and 3rd place winners received a pretzel and drink from Wetzel’s Pretzels .

Grand prize winner 2nd place winner 3rd place winner

Don’t forget to follow Seaport Village on Instagram- @seaport_village for other fun prize winning contests!

Boardwalk Betty