Seaport Village Holiday Decor Contest 2009

We here at Seaport Village had a friendly decoration competition going on for the holiday's. And to sweeten the pot, I decided to give the stores prizes!

There were 3 categories in which they were competing: Best Overall- Prize, fancy schmancy bow & tickets to Jungle Bells at the SD Zoo Most San Diegan- Prize, fancy schmancy bow Most Creative- Prize, fancy schmancy bow

Judges went around last night and after much deliberation. (Seriously, over an hour!) The winners were chosen. So, without further ado... The winners of the 2009 Seaport Village Holiday Decor Contest are...

BEST OVERALL- San Diego Surf Co, AKA Santa's Surf Shop This store owner gave his employees a Visa Gift Card and the freedom to use their imagination... and it paid off!

The best part... they changed their signage to reflect their true commitment to the holiday's!

MOST SAN DIEGAN- Mistletoe The judges were especially surprised that a traditional holiday store would have such a So Cal theme. Great job Mistletoe!

BONUS! All of these items are on sale at Mistletoe (including the tree which looks awesome at night). So if you like their style, you too can have it!

MOST CREATIVE- A Few Of My Favorite Things This gingerbread inspired store really tugged at the judges hearts!

The gumdrop and peppermint garland is adorable up close!

As I said, over an hour of deliberation went into the decision. A few other stores to check out, or "honorable mentions" are:

Greek Islands Cafe. Their poinsettia, stocking, garland cheer would brighten even The Grinch's heart!

Urban Girl Accessories. Their bright colored ornaments and gingerbread yummines is worth checking out.

Del Sol. Their window displays of "Christmas Around the World" are informative and adorable.

Silver Crossing. Their bright green decorations were nicely done and I think I might want to do that to my house!

I hope that you will come down to Seaport Village to see all the time and effort the stores put into their decorations... because there are a lot more than listed above! And tell me, which store is your favorite?

Decorating Queen, Boardwalk Betty