Seaport is turning 30- BRING IT!

Well, it is time to finally announce our big plans for turning 30! We are putting on a little something we like to call the 30 for 30 Carousel Challenge.

Sounds cool, right? It is! We are challenging 30 San Diegans to ride our historic Loof carousel for 30 hours. The victor will win $10,000! Yes, 10,000 bones.

See?! These girls are excited!

The challenge goes down Friday October 8th, 10 am, and the last man standing will be crowned the victor on Saturday October 9th, 4 pm. I can hardly wait!

I thought to myself, "What can I do on my blog that would make it even MORE fun to announce this crazy challenge?" And then it hit me, you people need tips! So I enlisted my helpers to actually ride the carousel and tell me what they thought would be good advice for you potential riders. I mean 30 hours is a long time, you are going to need some tips. Here is what the girls had to say!

Okay people, I rode that sucker backwards for 2 minutes and felt a little queezy... this isn't going to be as easy!

How do you sign up? What are the rules? Stay tuned! Until then, I would focus on getting that carousel music on your ipod so you can train.

UPDATE: Click here to find out how to be one of the 30 carousel riders!

Round & Round, Boardwalk Betty