"Ring of Death" busker style

We LOVE our buskers. Especially Mango & Dango. They were the winners of our FIRST annual Spring Busker Festival and their shows are always fun, entertaining and hilarious!

Dango was down today, without Mango. And I was able to catch part of his show. He warmed up with a little jump rope routine. He picked one willing participant who agreed to jump rope blind folded. (brave little girl). She did pretty good. Check it out!

Dango then followed that up with "The Ring of Death". How could I not stick around and see what THAT was all about? Seriously. Again, some fabulous volunteers (including a very animated little boy) were very brave and helped him out.

And that wasn't even the grand finale!!! Want to know what the grand finale was? Guess you will just have to come down to Seaport Village yourself to find out.

Ring of Death Survivor, Boardwalk Betty