Rave Reviews

Samantha and Kevin own Kite Flite, a fanciful store at Seaport Village. They take pride in their store, their employees and Seaport Village. All of their hard work comes through when reviews like this are sent their way:

My wife, daughter, and I recently vacationed in San Diego and spent a day down on the Harbor/Sea Village. Our first stop when the shops opened was at the Kite Flite store where we met Jim.

Jim was representative of most of our experience in San Diego: He was genuinely appreciative we chose his city and enthusiastic in sharing his knowledge about all of the products in the store. The manner in which he engaged my 8-year old daughter was a sincere effort to peak her curiosity about the various products Kite Flite had to offer.

I wanted to commend Jim on being such a great host and let him know that, yes, we did return later and purchased an Aerobie boomerang and an easy flier parafoil kite – Both of which have been put to use already. We almost have the boomerang making a complete path, more practice will surely get us all of the way there.

Nick Furiak Decision Analyst, Sr. Software Developer

Nick had a great experience at Seaport Village thanks to Jim, Samantha and Kevin. Seaport's thoughtful shop owners are one of many reasons visiting Seaport Village is such a special experience. Thanks to the Kite Flite team, Nick and his daughter can go fly kites out on the park with the best of 'em! kite flying on the park behind Seaport Village

Beaming proudly, Boardwalk Betty