Paul B. Lotz "Fantasies and Fables" event at EC Gallery

Exclusive Collections Gallery is definitely known for its beautiful pieces of work and talented artists.  This weekend, January 4-5th, the gallery which is located at Seaport Village is hosting a Paul B. Lotz event called “Fantasies and Fables”.  How fabulous does that sound!

 A little background on Paul B. Lotz.  Paul B. Lotz was born in 1966 in Long Island, New York. He graduated from Philadelphia’s Tyler School of Art in 1989 with a Graphic Design degree. “Art is born of inspiration and evolves into an emotional release of energy,” explains Lotz. “Without the balance of both, I would find myself at a loss. To create is my passion.” He began sculpting in 2010, studying and experimenting with the clay medium. His travels to Europe sparked his interest in Renaissance culture, architecture, and the talent of the Masters. He continues to use historical imagery in his work, which results in a dialogue of its very own.

Paul B. Lotz is traveling to galleries to introduce collectors to his work beginning January 4-5 at Seaport Village. Be sure to keep an eye on this sculptor’s career as he manifests his fascinating scope of ideas to his three-dimensional work, revealing new patinas and introducing new figures to his collection.

The event is FREE. I know FREE!  Don’t’ you love hearing that word?  Stop by and check out the work of this talented artist on Saturday 6pm-9pm and Sunday 12pm-5pm.  To RSVP, call (702) 432-1154 or  You can also RSVP on their Facebook page by clicking here

See you at the gallery!

Boardwalk Betty