New store! Handmade candles are involved.

When something is handmade, it's just better. Right? Something about each one being unique, made with love and thought. This is the very reason I am so excited to introduce one of our new stores, California Candle Gallery.

California Candle Gallery is an on site candle making company, making the glowing art in thier store. Their candles are unique. Their patented process allows them to cut into multiple layers of colored wax, creating any image. This process has created a new medium in the candle making world, and the art world as a whole.

Neat, right?! Here are some pictures of the new store and their products.

So intricate! Want to see the full album of photos? You can check it out here.

They can make any candle you like, as long as the image is not copyrighted. Worth coming down to check it out.

Candle Lover, Boardwalk Betty