"Mecca for girlfriend gifts"

Oh happy day! San Diego CityBeat has recognized the wonderfulness that is Urban Girl Accessories. I have personally been shouting from the rooftops, my love for this store. The fine people at CityBeat have heard my call! (Or the call of the MANY fans of Urban Girl, whatever. Let me take credit.) Below is an excerpt from the article:

But the mecca for girlfriend gifts is actually in Seaport Village. Tourist trap! you scream. But no—Urban Girl Accessories (867 West Harbor Drive, www.urbangirlaccessories.com) is one of those stores you can enter not knowing what you want, exactly, but still come out with the perfect thing. That’s because it’s full of useless gifts, and I mean that in a most loving and positive way. There are little Japanese dolls that hold secrets, stiletto door-stoppers and anthropomorphic kitchen utensils. Does your friend like to drink? (We all have one or two of those friends.) There are wacky bottle openers, pretty flasks, wine-rating pads and more. Does she like to cook? There are silly salt and pepper shakers, aprons and pretty knives. Who needs a pretty knife? No one, but what gal would want to cut up veg with an ugly one when there’s a bright-green apple-adorned one available? For the Hard Worker there are weird pens and desk accoutrements, and for the Traveler, luggage tags and airplane bingo and blankets made just for plane flights. You can get a gaggle of stuff with a monogram on it, and that always make for a personal touch. Plus, there are purses, scarves, candles and more—all the stuff you’d expect from a gift store, but far funnier, cooler and simply sweeter than you’d expect considering it’s part of a compound locals make great pains to avoid. It’s worth the trek and the parking fee.

Ahem, Urban Girl Accessories (and ALL stores at Seaport Village) validate parking for 2 hours. So parking fee need not apply here :)

Sooooooo... what are you waiting for? Come down and get your Urban Girl on. Your girlfriends will thank you.

Urban chick, Boardwalk Betty

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