Kite Flite flies high with customer service

Customer service is so rare these days, isn't it? And even more rare is having such an exceptional experience that you feel the need to email the owners about it! Well, these customers did experience that illusive skill that evades many, customer service, and took the time to share their experience. Behold:

To whom it may concern,

My son really enjoyed the easy flyer, and the parafoil flyer. I had a lot of fun with them. It brought back a lot of memories. Your salesman Jim was very helpful and knowledgeable about all the different kinds of kites, and what would be the easiest and most fun for my kids. The kids have never flown kites before, but were able to head to the park and have immediate fun and have success with the kites. Already some of friends have asked where they could get these kites. I'm sure they will receive the same great customer service that I did. We can't wait to plan another trip next year to your fine store and see what's new. Thanks again, and say hi to Jim,

Sincerely, Joaquin and Ann

Kite Flite has long been a favorite here at Seaport Village. The kites flying in the park across the way are a good indicator of that. And I think we can see why it is a crowd favorite. They carry a fun product and employ knowledgeable and helpful sales people. I say, BRAVO Kite Flite. And BRAVO Jim!

Customer Service Lover,

Boardwalk Betty