Keep In Touch With Seaport Village Via Social Media

So Seaport Village started an Instagram account yesterday (Seaport_Village)! It got me thinking.  We have A LOT going on in the social media world.  Things that we keep up with regularly.  Outlets that I really think are worth following.  So I decided to put together a little blog here and link to all of our social media channels... just in case you are in the mood to keep in touch and follow along.

Seaport Village in the Social Space

Seaport Village now on Instagram

Here we go!

Facebook We will not junk up your feed.  I only post there once or twice a day.  Just the perfect dose of Seaport Village cuteness to brighten your day.

Twitter @Seaport_Village Tweet! Tweet!  You know how we do.

Google+ I know you Google-plusers are out there.  Follow along!

Pinterest  Let's get serious.  We all have an addiction and that addictions name is Pinterest.

Flickr Speaking of photography.  We have been posting to this account since 2008.  Search the archives.  It's fun!

YouTube I am still getting in the swing of shooting and editing video but hey, that is fun to watch.  Right?

And now... Instagram!  Seaport Village was made for Instagram.  People have been Instagramming the property for quite sometime now.  So why not us?

Wow.  I am exhausted.  How about you?  Follow along for all the craziness and wonderfulness that is Seaport Village.

Over and out,

Boardwalk Betty