Incense for people who don't like incense

Let me introduce you to Juniper Ridge, Western Wild Goods, sold at Discover Nature here in Seaport Villlage. This little California company produces eco-friendly sachet bags, incense, and sage sticks.

It's incense for people who don't like incense! I love that. These products remind you of the smells from a hike outside or a campfire. The company gets permission to go onto California wilderness lands to do all their plant cuttings, and in return they give 10% of their profits to fund the preservation of California wilderness areas. Sounds good to me!

Another product that Discover Nature carries that I think kind of fits this theme are these Pine Needle Baskets from Plant With A Purpose.

This longtime San Diego non-profit charity group works with villages in third world countries on reforesting their lands. One of the villages they work with is Oro in Oaxaca, Mexico. The women in Oro create beautiful, handwoven pine needle baskets which are featured at Discver Nature in Seaport Village. The baskets have the rich smell of pine tree, and woven so well that they can actually carry water! How neat is that?! The sale of these baskets benefits the village of Oro, and work of Plant With A Purpose. Pretty amazing stuff.

Keeping it green, Boardwalk Betty