Hot Licks - A Spicy Story

Hot Licks provides sauces, jams, salsas, snacks and other foods from around the world that are sure to bring the heat!.

The first Hot Licks store opened at Seaport Village over twenty years ago and has spiced up the lives of countless happy customers. Their conversant and friendly staff work with each shopper to ensure they find the perfect item for their individual flavor and heat preferences. 

Hot Licks


Hot sauce is the main item here, but mustards, jellies and even chocolates are available with different levels of heat. A locked case labeled “caution” houses all of the “extreme” flavors derived from chili oils for the bravest of the bunch. 

Available at Hot Licks


Wall to wall shelves full of sauces and marinades always make me day dream of summer barbecues. They also sell aprons so you don’t get that sauce all over your clothes! 

Available at Hot Licks


How much heat can you handle!?

Boardwalk Betty