Holy Gyros, Greek Islands Cafe!

Greek Islands Cafe opened up in Seaport Village 30 years ago.

The owners Liz & Jerry Bishop wanted to celebrate in a big way and oh boy are they!

They are rolling back their menu to 1980's prices. On October 15th & 16th they will be rolling back prices for 30 hours, to commemorate their 30th anniversary.

What do prices from the 1980's look like? I have the menu here!

Gyros Sandwich... $2.85 Gyros Platter... $3.95

Souvlaki Sandwich... $2.90 Souvlaki Platter... $5.25

1/2 Athenian Chicken... $3.50 Whole Athenian Chicken... $5.95

Dolmades or Spanikopita Side... $2.25 Full... $3.95

Greek Islands Dinner... $6.75

Greek Salad Regular... $1.95 Large... $3.25

*No substitutions or to-go please

Are they serious? Dead serious. See? This face means business.

So come down and help them celebrate! These prices are waaaaay to good to pass up. Thanks Greek Islands for being a part of The Village for the past 30 years. You have been a very special part of our success.

Opa! Boardwalk Betty