Hearts & Love & Stuff

It's there, looming out in front of us. Some love it, some try to avoid it but it's coming no matter what... Valentine's Day!

Personally, we here at Seaport Village love it. If you haven't heard yet, Seaport Village is a place for love. Love, sweet love!

Engagement photo shoot at Seaport Village

Just today I met someone who told me that she met her husband at our very own Upstart Crow Coffeehouse & Bookstore. They have now been married 18 years. Amazing, isn't it?!

Love is blossoming in here!

Being that I am at the Village all the time talking about its greatness I often hear stories like that and I think others would like to share in the love as well. So, send me your Seaport Village love story. Do you like to go on dates here? Where exactly? Did you meet your significant other at our coffee shop? Did you propose here? Send 'em my way! I want to hear.

AND if you do and I really love it, you can win a $50 Seaport Village Gift Certificate and 4 free ice cream cone coupons courtesy of Ben & Jerry's. So then, you can take your lovey on a nice Seaport Village date! I will also post your story on my blog (with your permission of course). Send me your story, boardwalk.betty@yahoo.com or you can post it in the comments section below (even more fun!) by Thursday the 11th. Winner will be announce on Friday the 12th!

I will be celebrating Valentine's all week on this blog. Check back to find out about fun date and gift ideas, great discounts and more.

Hearts & Love & Stuff, Boardwalk Betty