Halloween Photo Contest

Anyone who follows this blog knows that come event time, a blog contest is never far behind.  With Halloween Bash on the Bay this Saturday it is of course time for.... a blog contest!  Woohoo!

Blog Contest for Halloween at Seaport Village

The prize?  A $50 Seaport Village Gift Certificate, which is valid at ALL of the shops and restaurants at Seaport Village.

The mission?  Show us how you enjoyed Seaport Village during this Halloween season. 

Here is a hint.  There will be a free photo opportunity at our Halloween Bash on the Bay which boasts a LIVE SCARECROW.  Ummm, awesome!  We will have a photographer there, snapping photos who will then post them online but you can also bring your own camera.  That photo would be perfect to enter into this contest.  Over 40 shops and restaurants in Seaport Village will be giving out candy to trick or treaters... I am sure a memorable shot can be had.  A Thriller DJ in the food court, a Monster Mash band in the East Plaza Gazebo... a photo of your little one doing a Frankenstein type dance?  Yeah, that would be a contender.


And don't forget about the Pet Costume Contest that is being hosted by Pet Hideaway.  I KNOW there are some memorable shots there.  How do I know that?  Pets. In. Costume. AWESOME.


So basically what it comes down to is this, there will be no shortage of cute picture opportunities at our event on Saturday.  So there will be no reason why you can't enter one into this contest for a chance to win a $50 Seaport Village Gift Certificate.

Deadline to enter is October 29th.  I will put the photos on this blog for voting. The photo with the most votes by November 1st will be the winner.

Send your photo to boardwalk.betty@yahoo.com to be entered.  Remember, I need your best Seaport Village Halloween photo by October 29th.

Happy Haunting!

Boardwalk  Betty