Seaport Village Gift Basket Giveaway!

To kick off the summer, we have partnered up with The Mama Mary Show to bring you a very fun prize giveaway!

I wrangled together a pretty awesome Seaport Village Gift Basket for Mary to give away on her blog.  If you head on over there and comment on her blog you will be entered for a chance to win all of THIS!!

  • Blood Orange Olive Oil & Tangerine Balsamic Vinegar, c/o Seaport Oil & Vinegars (they have over 40 oil & vinegars on tap daily for your tasting pleasure)
  • Tote, “Ruby Slipper” nail polish, Frisbee, c/o Del Sol (everything changes color in the sun. tote, logo turns rainbow, nail polish turns red, and frisbee turns blue)
  • Life is Good t-shirt & fashion scarf, c/o Seaport Island Fashion (our newest addition to Seaport Village)
  • Watermelon licorice, salt water taffy, c/o Candy Shack & Yogurt
  •  Large Easy Flyer Kite, c/o Kite Flite
  • Chargers hat, Padres socks (youth & adult), c/o Sports Headquarters
  • Lavender, Chamomile & Sage Relaxing Foaming Bubble Bath, c/o Presenting The Soap Opera
  • 4 free ice cream cone coupons, c/o Ben & Jerry’s
  • $25 Seaport Village Gift Certificate (valid at all stores & restaurants), VIP Shopping Pass, 4 meal vouchers, c/o Seaport Village

Pretty sweet prize, right?!?!  Get on over to The Mama Mary Show and enter!


Happy Summer!

Boardwalk Betty