For the love of art

I am happy to announce the opening of Exclusive Collections Art Gallery.  The owners of the gallery have been working on this space for the past couple of months.  And all the work and waiting has most DEFINITELY paid off.  The gallery is gorgeous.  There is no other way to describe it- gorgeous.  Okay maybe there is- it is bright, airy, a very comfortable place to peruse art.  I was beyond impressed with the remodel.  And me being the blogger I am I took tons of photos to share with you.  Of course, photos do not do it justice.  But that just means you need to come down and see it for yourself.

Come on in the gallery is waiting!

These two fine frogs are at the front to welcome you.  I just LOVE the frogs.

 Who knew fake flowers could be so beautiful?

Yes, this is a lamp!

Their view is amazing... just outside these windows?  The Big Bay.

This is part of a gorgeous fountain.  I can't get over the ball- do you see the swirls?  Mesmerizing.

This weekend they are kicking things off with a special show of Steve Barton's work.  Think tropical, colorful, beautiful paintings. 

Welcome Exclusive Collections.  The Village is happy to have you.

Mesmerized by the swirling ball, Boardwalk Betty