Fall Decor- We've got it!

So, this post was intended for the first day of fall (two days ago) but the baby ducks trumped my decorating fetish. Fall is my favorite season. Here in San Diego we don't have the changing of the leaves but that doesn't mean we can't decorate with the best of 'em! One of my favorite home decor stores in the Village is Harbor Lights Candle Shop.

Oh my! How cute is just the outside of this store? I cannot stress enough the quaint cuteness of this jewel. And their inventory is always fresh, fun and thoughtful. Let me share with you my two fall faves that I found-

Since our leaves don't necessarily change, I take it upon myself to surround myself with fall colors and feelings.

You will find this wreath on my front door this season. Doesn't this just scream, "Boardwalk Betty lives here and loves fall." ? Well, doesn't it?!

And my favorite mascot for Halloween, the witch, is alive and well inside Harbor Lights.

These tin candle holders can sit on your windowsill, bar or dressers edge and you can pop in one of their pumpkin spice flavored candles and call it a day. It's fun and smells divine.

What is your favorite fall decoration? If you don't have one, come down to Harbor Lights Candle Shop. I promise that not only will you find something but you will have a hard time choosing your favorite!

Falling into fall, BB