Contest- Vote Now!

I was curious to see your favorite Seaport Village holiday memory. So I asked that you please submit a picture of just that, whatever that may be!

Here are the top three and I need YOU to vote to help me decide on the winner:

Submitted by Heather Santana. Christmas Princess Thais and the resident Elf- cute!

Submitted by Rita Lung. Looks like this little girl is eyeing Mrs. Claus, angling for some good presents! Can you blame her? Equally cute!

Submitted by Jamie Buckley. She writes, "Wants to like Santa, but he scares her a bit. Trying to be happy and smile for a photo." She better get some good presents for this! I would like to title this one, Brave Little Surfer.

The picture with the most votes will win a Seaport Village prize pack which includes 4 FREE Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cone coupons, 4 FREE spins on our historic Loof Carousel AND dinner for 4 at one of Seaport Village’s restaurants. That is a pretty darn good prize pack if you ask me.

Post your vote in the comments section below! Voting ends Wednesday Dec 23rd.

Happy Voting, Boardwalk Betty