Busk A Move Contest Winner

For all of you not following my blog religiously, (not sure how that is possible because this blog is so amazingly wonderful. ahem.) I was holding a contest that I appropriately named Busk A Move.

What I wanted to see was YOUR best impersonation of a busker. This was apparently a tall order because I only recieved one entry. BUT I am happy to say that the one entry is legit. This dude would make an awesome Busker!

Thanks Alex for sending in this video of your boyfriend Seiha, Busking A Move for Seaport Village!

Alex and Seiha have won a 2 night stay at our neighbor Embassy Suites, 2 Seaport Village meal vouchers, 2 spins on our historic carousel (for the kid in them) AND 2 VIP Shopping Passes! Congratulations you two.

Thanks for Busking such kick-butt moves, Boardwalk Betty

PS- The thing that Seiha does at the 2:25 mark is crazy! His head looks like it is not connected.