Are you Surfing For Love?

Well the people at Pet Hideaway are! One thing they have started to realize... there are a lot of single pet lovin' people out there looking for a match.

Enter cupid...

They are going to sprinkle a little love on this season of lovers by putting on a Valentine's pet friendly event called "Surfing for Love". Here is what they have planned for you fine folks:

A Match-Making Opportunity! They want you to nominate a single that you think needs a date for Valentine's Day. So, a write in contest! Sounds like a good idea to me. Here is the catch, the person you are nominating must also be a pet lover. Let's get serious, most pet lovers make the best matches anyway because you know they can love another thing so much! You must give a convincing reason why your "single" needs this date, including info about the person. They need to know age and interests, what kind of pets and anything else that will help them match up the lucky couple. All nominees will have to gather at the West Plaza Fountain Area in front of Pet Hideaway for the big match up announcement on Saturday, February 12th at 12 noon.

You can submit your entry to the owner's, Nancy & Mike, at the following email address: OR you can send them a message through their Facebook page.

A kissing booth! Not just any kissing booth, a kissing booth featuring Ricochet the surfdog. She may be bringing her surfing dog friends to form a line of kisses. That is still TBD. But one thing that is for certain is they will be offering a "Pawagraph" on their surfing calendar, for anyone who purchases the calendar. All money will go to the charity of their choice.

Event will take place on Saturday Feb. 12th from noon to 2pm. Games and prizes for the pets anyone who comes out to watch and have fun can participate. They have got your back people.

And don't forget that Pet Hideaway is your one-stop shop for all your pets Valentine's Day needs.

Looking for the lovers, Boardwalk Betty