American Nostalgia

Whooo's feeling nostalgic? I am!

American Nostalgia has had a store in Seaport Village for almost 10 years. And just recently they moved into a bigger and improved space! It is a beauty!

Here is the front:

That vintage coke machine (which dispenses real bottles of coke) is killer! The front is nice and all but the treasures are INSIDE. Check it out.

Do we have any Marilyn fans in the house?

My lovely friend Janna is modeling a hot Marilyn Monroe bag and she is deep in the groove listening to The Man, Elvis Presley. Yes, there is a music station for your listening pleasure.

Old time candy... Yes please!

Tin signs? Check! Old Photos? Check!

There is a lot more where this came from. Including cute baby onesies, novelty tee's, Elvis memorabilia and a bubblegum machine. It is worth coming down to check out.

Elvis has left the building, Boardwalk Betty