A special THANK YOU

A new winner was announced on the blog yesterday, which is always fun for me. (Who doesn't want to write in all caps "CONGRATS! YOU WON!" ?) And it is true, I have so much fun looking at the pictures and videos you all submit. But a new level of fun has been added. One of the winners from a past contest sent me an email of thanks. Read below...

Boardwalk Betty!

We were thinking of you today because we stayed at the Hyatt Manchester Grand and had breakfast at Lael’s today – all because we won the video contest last fall from you! We had a great time!

It was extra special because we were celebrating our 10th anniversary. They gave us a corner room on the 23rd floor, complimentary champagne and truffles – we felt like royalty! Everything was picture perfect and a great retreat for us. Thank you for hosting these wonderful contests!

Happy New Year!

Love, Arlene

How great is that?! Arlene also sent some pictures along...

And just to remind you of how cute Arlene's family is (as if the photos above didn't solidfy it), here is her winning video submission from last fall!

Thanks Arlene, for making this blogging thing so fun.


PS- The real thanks goes to The Manchester Grand Hyatt.